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*1)HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2013
¡@ January 7 to 10, 2013
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre 3B-F32, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

*2)Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2013
April 13 to 16, 2013
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Hall 3, Booth No. 3E-F29

Haking with over 45 years of design and manufacturing skills coupled with Entrepreneurial flair has taken the group, founded in 1956 by Dr Haking Wong CBE, LL.D (Hon) & Dr Pauline Chan OBE, BA, LL.D (Hon), JP, from a pioneer in the optical industry in Hong Kong to one of the largest manufacturers of compact cameras and binoculars in the world.

Haking produces a comprehensive range of attractively styled, modern 35mm and APS film cameras and prismatic binoculars. All products incorporate excellent design characteristics and are cost efficiently produced at one of the most modern fabrication facilities in the industry. It is located in Southern China, where over three-quarters of the world¡¦s camera output now originates.

The camera range includes motorised, auto focus and zoom models. All models, whether basic or sophisticated in features, are designed in user friendly style and are intuitive to operate.


The Haking Group offers the world¡¦s widest choice of popularly priced cameras and binoculars to a variety of OEM and housebrand clients. More than 100 million cameras have been sold to customers in over 70 countries worldwide. The group¡¦s principal own brand Halina and Ansco are successfully marketed in Europe, North America, S.E. Asia and China. In all countries, the products are renowned for their Excellent design, technology and value for money.

Motorised camera models include those with variety of features including Auto film wind, Auto or Power Rewind, Auto Flash, Red Eye Reduction, Self-Timer, Big Viewfinder. Models are either Focus Free or Auto Focus ¡V but in every case cameras are automatic and easy for the user. The zoom camera range includes 1.8x, 1.9x, 2x and 2.5x models and is produced for some of the leading brands in the photographic industry. The flagship 1800 series has captured a significant share of the 2.5X zoom market and represents unsurpassed excellence in design, manufacturing prowess and value for money.

The privately owned Haking Group of Companies has research and development in (Hong Kong and) China. In these facilities, our products are designed to fulfill exacting criteria: Egonomic and aesthetic appeal; optical precision and robust reliability. Efficient large scale manufacturing is done in China under the supervision of an experienced management team from headquarters in Hong Kong.

The binocular range includes Metal Body type, demanded by traditionalists as well as lightweight ABS and Fibreglass models in a variety of surface finishings including leatherette and tactile rubber. The range also includes rugged outdoor models as well as fun Splashproof and serious boating Waterproof models. Focal sizes extend from 7x to powerful 20x as well as 7-15x zoom of compact body size. Focus styles include rotary ZCF (Zeiss Centre Focus) as well as Focus Free and Fast Focus types. The ultra compact porro prism models have become style icons ¡Vwith many poor copies of the excellent design being offered by sundry vendors in China.

The company has almost half a century experience in the optical and imaging industry but has recently been taken over since March 2002 by a new management group under the leadership of Dr. Tony Chak-Leung TAI & Dr. Tai-Chin Lo. The restructured company has a new vision and mission to streamline and modernise and to forge new business partnerships and alliances based on extremely competitive manufacturing costs coupled with highest quality discipline. The comprehensive and updated range of precision products will meet the highest expectations of the 21st century consumer.


  Production Capacity




  Available Capacity :

700,000 Units/Mth



  Available Capacity :

180,000 Units/Mth



  Major Machinery (Production Use)


  Machine Type


  Plastic Injection Molding M/C


  Autolathe M/C


  Stamping M/C


  Lens Coating M/C


  Die Cast M/C


  Lens Polishing M/C (Cameras)


  Prism Polishing M/C (Binoculars)


  Spring Making M/C


  Hot Stamping M/C


  Spray Painting


  Milling M/C


  Drilling M/C


  Toping M/C


  Pad Printing




  Light Projector




  Machinery and Equipment (NON-Production)


  Equipment Type


  Environmental Chamber


  CMM Measuring M/C


  Optical Comparator


  Wire Cut M/C


  ED M/C



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